Dynamic Cylinder Skydome

Is it possible to import a jpg at runtime and then import it in the project and also changing some of it’s properties. For example, download a .jpg from the net with some form of curl or www class and import it as a cylindrical map ?


Yes. Look at the example on the manual page: Unity - Scripting API: WWW

The properties you’re referring to are part of the asset importer and can’t be accessed at runtime, but you don’t need them. Having loaded your texture image from a remote server, you can assign it to one of the faces of the cubemap using SetPixels() - Unity - Scripting API: Cubemap.SetPixels

Loading textures at runtime is possible.

Importing it as a cylindrical map, er maybe not. You can have a cylindrical model with predetermined UVs. Just load the texture and slap it on the cylinder model.