Dynamic fonts temporarily freeze iOS

So, I’m deploying to iOS a game that uses extensively the Carter One font (included in the One Minute Gui asset, btw).

The issue I have is that the game always freezes for a couple of seconds before displaying any panel with text in italic or bold for the first time. After that, things go smoothly unless the app is closed and opened again.

Now, there’s a number of workarounds to fix this issue, but none of them is particularly satisfaying. Of course, one would be to remove any istance of bold or italic formatting, or replacing the font with Arial when absolutely necessary (Arial doesn’t seem to have the same issue, I guess because it’s a system font). Another dirty solution would probably be to display a bold + italic font with alpha = 0 in the intro screen, to avoid freezes after the game has started.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue, and if there’s any definitive solution, maybe working on the font import settings.

Started from the unity 5.1.
Same problems with Arial when redrawing interface after language has changed.

Was fine in 5.0. I think it’s because of rebuilding dynamic font texture. Very noticable when using asian letters. Actually Arial now looks somehow “wider” on iOs (before 5.1 I saw such wide Arial on Android). Going to fix that with using other font or Unicode (not Dynamic) import.