Dynamic generation of a game

Im looking fo the best tool to prepare some project.

Im wondering if Unity is able to dynamically generate a game basing on a 3D object? If yes - I would use it.

I mean situation like that:

  1. I have project folder
  2. I have directory in the project root named somehow, ex. “MainObject”
  3. To the “MainObject” directory I put a 3D model “object.obj” (or other format) file
  4. I start some script - which gives Unity all needed parameters about where object should be placed and what the object should do when game starts
  5. When script end its work - game starts and I can manipulate my object

How the game should look lke: My object will be in the middle of the screen and rotate slowly. User can rotate it by himself in any direction, zoom in/out and click on the object to start a simple animation.

Is something like that possible here?

What you are talking about isn’t dynamic really. You are just talking about loading state into your game.

To answer your question: Making an application that simply loads and displays 3D objects in unity is fairly trivial.