Dynamic Light on a Procedural Map problem!

Hi, I’m in the middle of creating a procedural fps dungeon demo and I’m running into problems, maybe I could get some assistance.

I’m using a random-walk algorithm to populate a 2d array with template rooms. After placing the objects, I have a map full of “rooms” that one can walk around in. My problem is that you can easily see where one room begins and ends where the shadows cut abruptly.

Why is this happening? My models that I created in Blender are all exactly the same in dimensions and texture and the shaders in Unity are all set to the same one, and I’m using soft-shadows.

Examples: http://i.imgur.com/nd8L1.png


It looks like the normals are messed up. In the mesh importer in Unity, change the normals to “calculate” and the smoothing angle to 0.