Dynamic Max Server Count

Hi!, Is there a way for us to dyanmically scale the max amount of servers which will be available. Lets say that I dont know the max amount of players which could join. I dont want to over allocate because it will cost me more which i cant afford but I also dont want to set max server count too low that players dont find matchs. Another thing to note is that having servers which are not allocated but available still cost me.

As a result, is there a way to do dynamic scalling where server max limit changes depending on demand.

If you set max servers to 1000 and minimum servers to 0, this does exactly what you're looking for. If there is no demand for servers, they'll all be shut down. When an allocation is created, it will try to find a server to use for the allocation. If there is not one, a new server will be created and the allocation will be put there. If the server is not used for several hours, it will be shut down.