Dynamic mesh collider from blendshape needed !

Hi, guys!

I’m using Unity 5.5 on a medical project to simulate the behaviors of a video brope inside a detailed human trachea.The inner Surface of the trachea expands/shrink irregularly as the patient cough or breath heavily, pushing the probe to swing.

I’ve made the animations of the trachea with blendeshapes and here comes the trouble:

The mesh collider does NOT deform with its mesh surface!

Using primitive colliders don’t seem to be an acceptable alternative because the surface mesh is pretty detailed and I need the simulation to be as realistic as possible.
Does anyone know how to achieve a mesh collider deforming with its blendshaped mesh surface? I know it’ll sacrifice much performance but I just need it!

Thank you for any advice!

4 years later, Unity still doesn’t provide an automatic way to do this. But, if anyone is watching this, you can do it this way (from this anwer) :

     var render = GetComponent<SkinnedMeshRenderer>();
     Mesh bakeMesh = new Mesh();
     var collider = GetComponent<MeshCollider>();
     collider.sharedMesh = bakeMesh;

I need this too!