Dynamic meshes not visible on android (samsung galaxy s6)


When i build and run my game on Samsung Galaxy s6 some of the dynamic meshes are not visible. It’s a game about planting foliage and everything works except that the foliage meshes are invisible. Those prefabs are spawned in-game. In the editor meshes are working fine and also on Ipad. The problem only appears on the samsung galaxy s6.

Thanks for your help!

I’ll post this in threads that presents the same issues, cause i saw that there is a lot of them.
In my case, it was the animator that was presenting some wired bug, that it makes my gameObject not showing in my android device… i checked with a simple boolean if the object, mesh renderer, children, parent, and they were all active, and not showing anyway… (I also checked that the position was correct, and it was…)

so i disable the animator from the object that wasnt showing and now i can see it… try it out.
I hope that this helps someone, since i had no idea what to do when i run through this issue
I’m, in Unity 5.3

Hey, same issue here ! And we are seeing our mesh again when animator is disable. Still no solution ?