Dynamic NavMesh, need a modified Nav Mesh Obsticle that uses colliders. Or some other solution.

I’m just making a pacman game to learn, but tweaking a few things. I’m using a nav mesh and nav agents which works great, till the blue things move around (one of the tweeks). Nav Mesh Obstacle (carve stationary) does exactly what I want, except its only one box or capsule. Which works great for object1. It could maybe work for object2&3. But totally doesn’t work for object4.

Is there another solution? Or what I would love is to just copy and tweak Nav Mesh Obstacle, but how would I do that?

and yes I have tried NavMeshComponents-master. I was not successful. Although that doesn’t mean I did it correctly.

/sings "How do you solve a problem like Pacman?’


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Its kind of janky but adding child objects with the extra nav mesh obstacles works . 1) because you start adding transforms and scales. Lucky I have tried to keep most everything 1:1 scale. 2) because the capsule colliders have an arch. Players could hide in the little nooks created by difference between a hard corner and a curve. For now I just halved the agent radius because this is about the best solution I have. 3) lots of extra work.

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