Dynamic object interactivity

Hello, i’m doing a script that makes the objects act upon mouse movements. Basically, objecs have to react to mouse passing over them, clicking on them or dragging on them.
For that i use the so convenient OnMouseEnter, OnMouseExit, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp and OnMouseDrag. The problem i’m having is trying to assign different scripts to each of a mouse’s button. Here’s what i have so far :

public class Act : MonoBehaviour
    //Testing with one event till getting it right
    //The list containing the scripts to use (index indicates the mouse button)
    public MonoBehaviour[] onMouseDown = null;

    //Used to activate OnGui part
    private bool onMDown = false;

    void OnMouseDown()
        onMDown = true;
    //Using OnGUI to get the mouse button pressed with Event
    void OnGUI()
        if (onMDown)
            int i = 0;
            //Don't do anything if mouse has more buttons than we predicted
            if (onMouseDown != null && onMouseDown.Length > (i = Event.current.button))
               //Trying to invoke the method "void Activate()" present in every script in the list
               onMouseDown[0].Invoke("Activate", 0);
            onMDown = false;

Obviously, casting into MonoBehaviour was a bad choice, but i don’t see any other generic variable class for scripts. Anyone got any ideas?

I am not sure what you mean by “casting into MonoBehaviour” as I can see no cast in your code.

If you insist on assigning a class to each button, you could create your own class “ButtonHandler” or something similar. You could make this class abstract and write specialized classes deriving from it.

This is a bit overkill though as you can handle your button clicks in different methods in your class “Act” directly?