Dynamic Occlusion Culling

I have created a scene which is generated by prefabs being instantiated at runtime. How could I go about disabling the renderer on objects that can’t be seen by the camera because of being obstructed by other objects in front of them? This needs to be dynamic as the player camera is in first person and can be moved around. I’m aware that Unity culls objects that are outside of the view frustum which is evident by the MASSIVE frame-rate increase when I walk to the edge of the scene and look away from everything, but I’d like objects to be disabled if they cant be seen because they’re impacting the performance. Not enough to worry massively about but a drop from 80-125FPS (when looking away) down to 25FPS (when looking at the scene) isn’t too great. I would appreciate any help very much.

It is a Unity Pro only feature. You could maybe write your own code somehow(raycasting etc) but I’ve never tried anything like that. Layer cull distance can in some circumstances emulate this pro feature but not for what you want… :frowning: