Dynamic vs Unicode fonts

Hello - I have been using a font (Shrewsbury) in development on my PC just fine. However, when I recently switched over to developing on the mac for the iPad, I ran into the problem of the iPad being unable to use Dynamic fonts. But when I switch the font from Dynamic to Unicode, the font texture goes blank and the font no longer shows up.

Is there a chance I’m doing something incorrectly? Or do some ttf fonts simply not support Unicode? It seems like all the other fonts I was testing (but did not like) work fine using Unicode instead of Dynamic, but the final font I chose does not =/


that the font does not support unicode is unlikely. Chances are much higher that you choose a too large font size and now it does not fit anymore inside the 2048x2048 max size at all. Use Ascii instead or reduce its size so it fits onto this max texture size again