Dynamically change particle range of Ellipsoid Emitter.

I’m trying to use and Ellipsoid Emmitter for a feature that will allow my player to farm minerals from an asteroid in a top down space exploration game. Now, what I need help with is how to dynamically change the distance of the particles, so that they will disappear once they hit the ship. I’m capable of doing this now, but it doesn’t get updated quickly enough, the particles that are in world space the moment I’m changing the lifetime of the particles are not affected by said change.

Is there a way, preferably through the inspector, to apply the life of particles to particles that are already in world space?

The components I’m using are Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, Particle Renderer and Particle Animator.

Isn’t the Ellipsoid Particle Emitter the “legacy particles”? “Legacy” meaning “obsolete” meaning “don’t use it in a new game”. The old system has been out of style since Unity 3.

And the still-being-updated Shuriken particle system just added support in the latest release for world collisions. So: switch to new particles, let them collide with the ships collider and lose 100% life on collision, and there you go.