Dynamically hide Images under another Image

Canvas. For example, I have a list of pictures (the Image component) that will scroll (move from top to bottom). And on a certain area of ​​the list, another PNG image is superimposed (also the Image component), which has transparent areas.

How can I hide moving pictures under a superimposed image (taking into account transparent areas)?

I know about masks, but they do not solve this problem for 2 reasons:

  1. The “canvas” mask is displayed only inside (only visible inside mask).

  2. The “canvas” mask only works with a child object (There can be many overlays).

Sprite Rendere is not suitable, as it should be everything in canvas.

Can anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Actually, you should use masks, and you don’t need to make them children of an object, and you can choose between visible inside or outside masks.