Each Sketchup model generates at least 4 draw calls. How to solve this.

I’m using sketchup to model some simple buildings due to it’s simplicity of use. The problem is that every model exported in fbx format has at least 4 materials, what means 4 draw calls. I would like to merge all these materials in just one.

I already googled a lot, for hours and found no easy solution like a plugin or another sotware that can easily merge all the materials and textures into just one.

Anyone knows a solution for this?


Apparently the model uses 4 materials.

  1. make sure all your surfaces use the one and same material
  2. don’t export backfaces, or set backface material same as the one above
  3. Go to Window/Model Info and purge unused, might have some unused, hidden junk
  4. Find a ruby script that will run a clean-up pass on the model which removes junk