Each update runs my code 6 times per line. Is it a bug?

Ok, here is the deal… am trying to make an update so for each second I will add 1 point.
My result is that each second I get 6 points…
And why this happens is not because the update runs 6 times like a loop, it is because each line when in the update is running 6 times before going to the next line of code, and it is 6 times and so on.

private float timeLeft = 1.0f;
void Update(){

 timeLeft -= Time.deltaTime;
if(timeLeft == 0) //so each second I get inside my if statement...
    //add score runs 6 times 
ScoreCounter.add(1); //debug breakpoints hits here 6 times before going to next         line bellow that resets the timer.
    //reset timer runs 6 times
timeLeft = 1.0f; 


My issue seems to be totally illogical to me, and can not find anyone having the same problem…
Do someone got answers to this behavior?

try putting this by where you want the code to stop