Earth mesh rendering

I am trying to make a earth(spherical) mesh out of lat/long coordinates.

I have got a list of lat/long coordinates which together make landpolygons. I then convert these lat/long coordinates to Cartesian XYZ vectors. Then i build my mesh with these points, and use the Triangulator script from the wiki.

The results are in the screenshots below.

The results are as expected. I need a way to somehow fill the 'middle' of the poly. As i only have vertices at the edges of the poly, there will be triangles which slice through the surface of the earth. So i will either need to add vertices or find some other way to achieve this.

Am i taking the right approach? Any help is appreciated.

how about this approach… in 3dsmax you can add a cloth object… let the cloth object nicely soften around the sphere. :slight_smile: