Ease of Programming help!

Hello everyone!

Sorry that the title isn't as descriptive as I usually try to make, but I don't really know how to phrase the question. I am currently programming in JavaScript, using the built in Unity editor to work on my scripts.

What program, preferably free, would you guys recommend I use? I want something that can auto complete my code and make it easier to find bits of code. Right now the Unity interface for editing allows me to auto-complete words that I had already type, but I want something where if I type 'Time.' it will give me a little drop down list of all the different things I could put in that situation.

I hope this makes sense, and thanks!

MonoDevelop comes with unity as well, but isn't set up as the default editor.

I would set that to the default script editor in preferences (The install is in the unity editor install location), and then you'll have code completion

Unify has a few how-to about setting up Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, NotePad++ or some other editors with IntelliSense.

Unify Community: #Text_Editors_and_Development_Tools.