easier find asset in own created/organized folder in 'Project Window'

Hello Unity Developer-s,

Maybe it’s a good idea to choose myself created folders where the imported asset can be find in the ‘Project Window’. It would be easier to find the asset I am looking for (in my own created folder-s).

Greetings Stijn Van Lommel

I have a hard time understanding what is your question or comment. If I’m right and you want to know if you can organize your imported assets, then the answer is: usually. Some thirdparty assets can be moved from the installation location, some don’t. Be careful with them and move any installed assets on your own risk. You can perform a quick search in them looking for path pointing to the folder, but it can be cumbersome.
Move them and look for errors. And if you encounter one, try to move them back to see if it helps.
What I do is this:
I create a folder _ (for example _MyProject) and I store everything I produce myself in there and let the third-party assets infest the root Asset folder. I can find everything I usually need in my own folder and can make my own clean folder structure inside this folder. The _ prefix guarantees that my folder shows up at the top of the project window.