Easiest way to make custom water?

Hi! I am wondering what the easiest way to make custom water would be. It doesn’t have to be very realistic but I just wanted the water ripple type effect. I have blender and gimp and but have a hard time importing water stuff from blender to unity. I do not want to use unity pre made water and do not have much experience with shaders or c# but if there is a simple way to make an animated water shader for free then that would be great! Thanks!

Hey mate,

What yo uare looking for is a SHADER. Yo ucan download allot of realistic water shaders, however, if you want to customise it a bit more and make your own, I recommend yo uhave a look at this tutorial: Click me D:<

You need 3Ds max and your water rigged.

  1. Attach several single vertical bones, that affect this and that area
    of that plane. Animate water flow in
  1. Non-animated variant: surface - two PNGs one on top of another: Water and

Foam (like beehive shape, you know,
just white lines). Water should spin,
foam should stretch and move. Foam is