Easy Movie Texture stand-alone compile errors

Hi, I bought the Easy Movie texture from the asset store to play videos on Android. It works fine on the mobile, but now I want to create a control panel that runs on a PC. I know that Easy Movie Texture can not play videos on PC and that is fine because I don’t intend to show the videos on the PC. But I can’t even build the .exe because of compile errors. There are several errors similar to:

Assets/EasyMovieTexture/Scripts/MediaPlayerCtrl.cs(714,24): error CS0103: The name `Call_GetVideoWidth' does not exist in the current context

Others are for Call_GetVideoHeight and other Call_ functions.

I can see that these methods are defined 3 times in an #if clause, once as part of #if UNITY_ANDROID, then as part of #elif UNITY_IPHONE and finally as part of #else
So I would expect that for stand-alone builds this #else branch is compiled. I did notice that before #else there is an #endif. That looks strange to me, because the #else is still part of the #if, #elif, #endif block, right?

Can anyone help me with this? I even get compile errors if I build the project without the scene that uses the video player, so even creating two separate builds does not work.


After I contacted the developer I received a new version that works for Windows as well.