Easy Newbie Question of the Day

Just getting started with Unity, 5 minutes in and I love it. I want to import some OBJ files and I get that Settings error for No asset server diff tools please install one of the following tools…blah…blah.

Did I miss something?

Animation master?! man, haven’t used that since 1998!
Hard to tell because you’re blocking the error console with the preferences window, but…
seems like it has nothing to do with the import of the OBJ itself.
Try literally dragging your OBJ file into the assets folder, if you still get the error message it’ll be something to do with unity trying to access an asset server (unity pro only feature) which you obviously don’t need unless you’re collaborating on a project with a team or for a company that has an asset server.
I don’t use unity pro, but you should be able to fix the issue by turning off asset server sync. might be under general tools?

This is not an error, but a warning. It’s completely unrelated to the OBJ import. Warnings are generally not going to cause major issues, but they do point your attention towards a potential problem.

This message only tells you that you can’t use any kind of version control system/diff tool because you did not have installed one. You don’t have to use one and can backup your files (for example the complete project files) by ‘hand’.