Easy transition between multiple views?

Hi! I’m trying to set up a 3D model with about 25 different views. Ideally, a user would be able to just tap a key on the keyboard for each view and transition smoothly from their current camera view to this new one (similar to how the Google Sketchup ‘Scenes’ work). Is this possible?

And if so, would it be better to have a single camera somehow animating to each of the 25 views, or is it possible to have each camera separate and transition smoothly between any two?

Appreciate the help!

  1. Create and position cameras for all of the views.
  2. Delete the cameras and other components, leaving just the GameObjects.
  3. You now have the positions and rotations of all of the views.
  4. Create a script to lerp between them:

Now, this is a very simple script and needs a lot of work. But it should get you started.

Using System.Collections.Generic;

class CameraViews : MonoBehavior  
  public List<Transform> views;   
  public float transitionTime;    
  int float startTime = 0;    
  int current = 0;    

    //Init to first view   
    transform.position = views[0].position;  
    transform.rotation = views[0].rotation;  
    if(startTime != 0)  
      transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(views[current-1].position, views[current].position, (Time.time - startTime)/transistionTime);  
      transform.rotation = Vector3.Lerp(views[current-1].rotation, views[current].rotation, (Time.time - startTime)/transistionTime);  
      if((Time.time - startTime)/transistionTime > 1)  
        startTime = 0;  
    startTime = Time.time;