Easy way to prevent collider2d from scaling down with gameObject

I have the following situation: I click on a button it scales down a bit and then when I release if the click previously was on the end of the button it doesn’t find it as a click afterwards obviously because the collider is scaled down before the release.

Anyway I first tried to save the size then get it back, no setter. Then = new Bound() no setter. THen = new Collider2d(someType), no setter. The only way I came up for now is destroying the collider and adding a new one the same as the rpevious again. It’d work but somehow doesn’t look appealing to me. Especially if you do this every frame for a certain period of time(scaling down)

How can I achieve my goal?

You can place Collider2D on empty gameobject, and put your graphics inside as children, when you click on collider, scale only inside graphics, but not parent object, and you good to go.