Easy way to remove all velocity

Hey guys,

a, hopefully, short and easy question this time. Ive been going thought the documentation on Rigidbody but I cannot seem to find an easy way to remove all velocity on a gameobject.

I've tried, of course, setting rigidbody.velocity to zero. This just seems to add zero to the current velocity though.

What I want is to respawn an object, which works, but I want all old velocity removed, how would I do this easily?

Edit for future reference:

Using rigidbody.velocity = Vector3.zero; does reset the velocity, but remember to also use rigidbody.angularVelocity = Vector3.zero to remove the spin.

`rigidbody.velocity=Vector3.zero` really does set automatic "physics" speed to nothing.

Something else must moving you. Maybe your script, for example, sets `rigidbody.velocity=MySpd;` each frame. So, of course, reset `MySpd`.

By Respawn, I assume you mean "teleport off left edge and pretend I'm a new car coming on"? If you are Instantiating (what I think of a a spawn,) there is no old velocity. It starts with the same stats as the prefab, which is always 0 for velocity.

You could "switch physics off":

rigidbody.isKinematic = true;