easyer way?

is there an easier way to use unity i just can’t (no madder how hard i try) figure out unity??? is there an easier program like unity?? or an easier way to use it or something please any one i really wanna make an mmo game with unity!!!

theres the unreal engine, but i have never used it and its only pc friendly, saying that its most industry used game engine. in terms of making unity easier to use, im not to sure what u mean by that. is it problems with code, the editor which i find is very user friendly, or something else.

theres some tutorial videos on utube i followed for a few days and it got me up to speed, theres also demo projects with code explaind worth following and doing all in order.

i think he may be part of unity cant remember, anyway look for willgoldstone and start from number one on his page,
also look up the tornando twins they have some pretty good stuff as well, or at least they will remind u of southpark

I would have to say no, not yet anyway. There are easier things to make easier games, but if you want an mmo that looks good and performs well, Unity is the best thing I’ve found.

for general purpose stuff I would say that Unity is your best bet especially if your new to game development, and want to have a graphical interface to work in, and such.

another poster mentioned Unreal, and that is a good engine to. both have a learning curve, but they also have different thought pattern back bones. in terms of ease of use, and especially making an MMO___ then Unity (unless you want to go out, and get a source code license to Unreal, but Epic doesn’t even like posting that number anymore)

if you really want I could edit with a compare/contrast list, but I think this is satisfactory to the question.

as an aside if your on your own, and “learning” then nix the MMO idea (not saying that you specifically, but in general) go look up the credits to fully functional MMO games (I bet you a large imaginary amount of money that you can’t find very many if any that were made by less then 30-50 people).

If you have no idea how to code, I would recommend trying out Scratch. It’s simple and easy to use, and it can help you out with the very basics of coding. Other than that, your only other option would be to suck it up and learn coding, be it through a class or just by learning it as you go.