Ecommerce store

This is my first post and I’m a Unity noob.

I was going to create an ecommerce app for a physical product that I am launching, but decided that Unity would be better for the following reasons:

  1. load times - I don’t mind a 5-10 second load time as we are creating a cooperative type of commerce, i.e. users own the company and therefore shouldn’t mind a few seconds to get into the experience
  2. battery life - I know a game engine is constantly running as opposed to an event-driven app engine, but our users will not be spending so much time inside our experience that this should matter too much

The upside of using Unity will be a uniquely gamified commerce experience (leaderboards, level up, missions, etc.) . So this post is not too long, I won’t go further into that now.

My main questions are:

  1. Shopify has just launched something called the Unity Buy SDK. It allows developers to sell physical products inside a Unity game. I do not think the Shopify solution will be robust enough as I need an ability for users to sort and filter search results. More significantly, I want users to have their own storefront (think marketplaces like Ebay, Etsy, Amazon). Is there a way for me to setup an ecommerce platform with robust features like this and importantly – users will not need to leave the experience/environment I’m creating?

  2. My product is a “platform product”. In other words, it is a product that users can customize with their own designs. Though my product is not a t-shirt, we can use that for an example. I would like to create an interface where users can create or upload their own designs to a personal storefront in our marketplace. If it sells, we manufacture/ship the product and the creator gets paid. This will require the user to create a “sellers” account, which I’m thinking could be the same account that a regular store shopper sets up to make a purchase, but also have a bank account attached to receive funds from any product sales and monthly reports on how their store is doing. Is it possible to create something like this with Unity?

its possible and I’m working on the same app. I’m using firebase authentication and firestore database for my app. I also have made a taxi hiring app using unity. the app ui works fast and total size of the apk is 28mb. my second eCommerce app should be ~ 30 mb in size. it has cool ui and animations and working nice. I takes less battery than amazon app :stuck_out_tongue:
you should try unity for this. Every thing goes on one scene …only switching ui elements not the scenes.
Sorry I can’t disclose the name of the app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now …may be soon