Economy import/export

There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to import/export an individual economy resource or all of them at once. Is this feature in the roadmap?

Hi Francesco!!
I'm gonna try and be succinct as all of your posts are sort-of interrelated, so I'll use the same answer, and we can elaborate a bit more on each one of them.

Part of the UGS platform team that works cross-services, we have two solutions:
a. The Deployment Window in the editor (for rapid local iteration)
b. The UGS Command Line Interface (CLI) (for automation, CI/CD , customization)

The Deployment Window and the CLI allows to deploy service configuration files to any environment, the CLI also allows to bring them back from the service (fetch). Currently it supports CloudCode, RemoteConfig and Leaderboards, we're actively working on Economy, and it will be part of the next release.
The CLI also supports admin APIs of other services.

To your first and third question, doing an import/export/promote (or just import from your local economy files) will be easily be achieved from the editor or the CLI.

Visualizing unpublished changes diffing can be done through diffing the files, as they can be treated as regular configuration files.

Reuseable item templates can easily be achived by having a file you copy-paste around and tweak, though we're definitely interested in the use-case, as we might learn how to improve tooling from this.

The reason we're picking files for this is simply that it also enables things like versioning code along side configuration in your version control, rollback, etc, and a more native coupling with the editor.

This doesn't sound very user friendly, especially considering that it's not developers that take care of live-ops. A dashboard based solution that supports common actions such as importing/exporting/promoting/diffing would be much better. I don't see our team using the Economy service unless it becomes more user friendly for non technical users.

I understand what you are saying, analytics has implemented a dashboard promotion solution, but I don't have any information at the moment for Economy.

The main reason we're going on a file approach is versioning, and the approach is meant to improve local feature dev (gameplay prog/game designer) and automation.

Enabling automation to move service configuration from one environment to the other is the main priority, but we're aware not all personas (like live ops) interact the same way with the service configuration.

I will forward this feedback to the Econ team!