ECS Components number of fields

When it comes to ECS, is there a limit to how many fields a component should contain before we start losing performance or other side effects?

This article recommends not using more than 16 bytes, which could be 4 integer fields.

hey there,

Since the Article you mention does a comparison between structs and classes I am not sure if you can apply the given rules here. The use of structs for components does not have any alternative after all.

Afaik a component has no size limit but in general: try to save as much memory as possible.
The more interesting part is what kind of variables you choose inside of your components since the 4 integer/float and so on apparently are easier to process. Sadly cannot find the article where i read this some time ago atm.
Also the division of the whole entity data into different components matters more since this decides on excess data copied for given jobs. Make sure that every component is designed so that every job only gets exactly the data it needs, nothing more. This is the best you can do for performance here.

Let me know what you think