ECS - entity connection

Hello, I don’t even know what am I supposed to be asking.

Now, I am working on strategy game with countries and hexagons on a grid. Now, countries have some attributes (head of state, treasury, all that stuff) and are created from hexagons (countries can exchange them, colonize new ones, etc.)
I know how I would do that with OOP - simple. But ECS is just super quick and I want to continue with that. Or can I somehow merge both those systems and have country be class holding entities (hexagons) since there will be much much more calculations done on hexagons that on countries?

(august 2020 answer)

ECS can be fast - yes, but it’s also neither complete nor simple to use. First things first, make sure your project even needs it, because otherwise you may well end up doing unproductive busywork for little to no gain.

If you’re not comfortable with ECS yet - stay away from it for now. Start training yourself to keep game-state data in arrays of structs (with unmanaged field types) instead of Components/GameObjects. Then occasionally use IJob or IJobParallelFor when you need speed when processing those arrays. When you will be comfortable with that - you can start eyeing ecs imo.