ECS, IComponentData wont show in inspector

Hey people,

I just started exploring ECS, and i am trying to get a handle on it. So i am attempting to make a single cube rotate.
I follow, kinda, the simple example of rotation given by unity.
The following uses exactly the same structure as the IComponentData structs defined in the entities package.

using System;
using Unity.Entities;

public struct RotationSpeed : IComponentData {
    public float Value;

// This wrapper component is currently necessary to add ComponentData to GameObjects.
// In the future we want to make this wrapper component automatic.
public class RotationSpeedComponent : ComponentDataWrapper<RotationSpeed> { }

Problem is that unlike the ones in the entity package when i try to drag and drop them in the inspector it just informs me that it doesnt derive from monobehavior. I am trying to see why that happens, because it makes no sense to me

So the problem was that my *.cs file was named RotationSpeed.cs
The file should have the name of the wrapper class and not the struct