Ecs with Vision OS

Our title which has been developed with unity ECS (+ entities graphics, unity physics, and netcode), would require the volumetric camera mode for vision OS.

Currently, it seems that anything using polyspatial is not supported with entity graphics.

Is there support planned for both input (Gaze input for highlighting etc.) and visuals (Entitiy Graphics) for unity Dots?

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Hey! Thanks for reaching out. Please refer to my earlier response here and let us know if you have any additional questions.

wow i feel like i am too stuck on classic vanilla unity

somehow never tried ECS yet. but also good to know it doesn’t work on polyspatial yet - delegate for later.

I’m in the process now of removing entities graphics from a port and it’s rough… hoping they can get Burst compilation working soon, excited to see that in progress on the roadmap! then at least we can get a lot of the DOTS benefits

Will you be using hybrid GameObjects for rendering?

Or are you approaching a different strategy?

yes I’m planning on syncing entities->gameobject transforms for now… I’m going to keep the movement logic in ECS in hopes Burst gets added