edit animation <1> while having preview of animation <2>

Hi. Is there a way to edit first object’s animation, have second object’s animation preview? thanks.

Thanks for answer. All I’m asking is in edit mode, not on runtime.

I’ve found the solution to preview object animation in editmode, it’s:

if (!EditorApplication.isPlaying)
gameObject.SampleAnimation(animationClip, time);​

Then I can edit one animation and have the second object’s preview in background.
However I’m still trying to sync those two animations, and i can’t find how to get current frame in animation mode. A year ago someone asked the same question:

Hy, i think you will have be more specific with your question.

what do you mean with “edit first objects animation”? there is no way to edit a animation on runtime, you can play them in certain ways, but not edit them.

please provide us some more informations to be able to help you.