Edit Animation Start Position from script

I have an Idle game. My game is 3D. I want to add animation for the resources. So when we click on the Gold Ore object in the game there’s a Gold Ore icon appearing and it will fly to the top bar where it says: [Gold icon] Gold: x. I just want to show that Gold icon in the place of Touch position and let if fly to the top place. So I made a simple Animation using built-in Animation module. Is there any way now to access that Animator Clip MOTION and changed the Image Anchored positions in the runtime? So the animation will be modified at the very beginning.

My another approach is to update Transform.position in a loop until it will get into resource bar at the top but setting correct position of the top bar resource icon causes my gold ore icon flying in a different direction… Because it’s flying toward bottom while loop is crashing without yield return 0;

IEnumerator GoldResourcesEffect(Vector2 location)
    GameObject temp;
    temp = Instantiate(_GoldIcon, location, Quaternion.identity);
   temp.transform.parent = _Canvas;
    var reqPos = new Vector3(359f, 481f, 0);
    while (temp.transform.position != reqPos)
        var step = 1f; 
        temp.transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(temp.transform.position, reqPos, step);
    yield return 0;