Edit List<> in CustomEditor

I have MonoBehavior script wich have List

    public class Path: MonoBehaviour {
        public List<Node> Nodes;

Node is ScriptableObject:

public class Node: ScriptableObject {
  public bool    Selected;
  public int 	PathID;
  public Vector3 Point;
  public Color   Color;

I’ve already done showing and selecting nodes, but now i need in Custom Inspector of “Path” script OnInspectorGUI to edit fields of Nodes.
If i do like this, i get just list of nodes, but i need to edit properties of all Nodes

SerializedProperty prop = serializedObject.FindProperty("Nodes");

Any ideas?

for (int i = 0; i < prop.arraySize; ++i)
SerializedProperty p = prop.GetArrayElementAtIndex(i);
// display “p” however you like, e.g. EditorGUILayout.PropertyField(p, true);