Edit navmesh

I have a irregular Terrain and i generated the NavMesh for it, but i can’t control where I want it.

For example: I have some mountains and i want to be able to go there and don’t want it to be generated for where the terrain are like a wall.

Can i edit by hand or is there another way to do it?

I needed to remove some parts in my mesh of Navigation, so I found 2 ways to make NevMesh system more flexible:

1 . To buy one of those two plugins on Asset Store:

NavMesh Extension


2 . To place more basic elements on the scene and use Navigation Area property (“Walkable/Not walkable”).

In my case the scenes contains locations, which have to load into main scene additively. I had and issue with excluding main ‘road’ in NavMesh, so i placed 20 cubes, and made them longer throw the path. Here is a screenshot:

  1. Create empty objects with NavMeshModifierVolume component.
  2. Set Area Type to Not Walkable.
  3. Edit Volume as you do with Collider component.
  4. Place them on your level.
  5. Bake the surface.

There is no way to edit the terrain by hand. You will need to change the Bake settings for Navigation in order for you to get the Navmesh that you want.