Edit SmoothFollow.js to change height and distance vars smoothly on some triggers

SmoothFollow.js is attached to main camera and it looks at player. I have couple of places in the game, that need other height and distance variable values, like I usually have distance 3.0 and height 2.0, than when I enter trigger I want to change camera position smoothly to distance 5.0 and height 0.5. And on trigger exit I want to smoothly change them back.

I've killed couple of hours on this, the values change, but not smoothing at all (except height damping smoothes movement a bit, but it still looks jaggy). Triggering is okay and script called CollisionItem manages it fine, please help me with smoothing part.

// Standart SmoothFollow.js
var target : Transform;
var distance = 3.0;
var height = 2.0;
var heightDamping = 2.0;
var rotationDamping = 3.0;

//||||||||| My addition to the script. Start |||||||||\\
var normalDistance = 0.0;
var normalHeight = 0.0;
var spiralDistance = 5.0;
var spiralHeight = 0.3;
private var mysteriousVelocity = 0.0;
var smoothTime = 1.0;

function Start () {
    normalDistance = distance;
    normalHeight = height;

function LateUpdate () {
    if (CollisionItem.spiralInside) {
        distance = Mathf.SmoothDamp(normalDistance, spiralDistance, mysteriousVelocity, smoothTime);
        height = Mathf.SmoothDamp(normalHeight, spiralHeight, mysteriousVelocity, smoothTime);
    } else if (CollisionItem.spiralExited) {
        distance = Mathf.SmoothDamp(spiralDistance, normalDistance, mysteriousVelocity, smoothTime);
        height = Mathf.SmoothDamp(spiralHeight, normalHeight, mysteriousVelocity, smoothTime);
    //||||||||| My addition to the script. End |||||||||\\

    // Early out if we don't have a target
    if (!target)

    // Calculate the current rotation angles
    wantedRotationAngle = target.eulerAngles.y;
    wantedHeight = target.position.y + height;

    currentRotationAngle = transform.eulerAngles.y;
    currentHeight = transform.position.y;

    // Damp the rotation around the y-axis
    currentRotationAngle = Mathf.LerpAngle (currentRotationAngle, wantedRotationAngle, rotationDamping * Time.deltaTime);

    // Damp the height
    currentHeight = Mathf.Lerp (currentHeight, wantedHeight, heightDamping * Time.deltaTime);

    // Convert the angle into a rotation
    currentRotation = Quaternion.Euler (0, currentRotationAngle, 0);

    // Set the position of the camera on the x-z plane to:
    // distance meters behind the target
    transform.position = target.position;
    transform.position -= currentRotation * Vector3.forward * distance;

    // Set the height of the camera
    transform.position.y = currentHeight;

    // Always look at the target
    transform.LookAt (target);

i think you can use global variables, as “var static height” and “var static distance”. so you can alter the height and distance from other scripts.

i hope it will help you.