Editable Contents / User Generation

Hi, I have a question about if a certain scenario is possible in Unity:

I’m currently making a sort of Visual Novel, which is simple enough, but what I’d like to do is have the contents editable/replaceable by a user.

For example: As it exists currently, the dialogue for the game all exists inside a .csv file. Ideally, I’d like the user to be able to access that .csv file, edit it or replace it entirely, and the next time they open the game, the game loads that changed/new .csv.

Is this possible with Unity? I’ve tried a few things (Using Resources.Load, StreamReader) that don’t to work the way I expected them to after a Build is done. Any suggestions? If not, are there any Asset Store packages you’re aware of that can make this possible?

Thank you!

Hi @jaredpettitt, I think you might find the tutorial on data persistence quite helpful. At first glance you might think it to be too much information, but the concept you described (user making content changes, exiting the application, then coming back later and seeing their changes from last time) would be broadly covered under the concept of data persistence. It pretty much does exactly what it says (the data you save/change persists as you close the application and come back later). You may have to change the way your game dialogue is stored (instead of a csv, have you considered storing your dialogue as a strings or arrays within your application directly?) At any rate, check this out and let me know if this is helpful. I’m happy to share some other ideas on storing dialogue if you have any questions. Good Luck :slight_smile: