[Edited]How To establish a mmo game By using Bluetooth

Hi,Guys i am working on mmo game for ios and android is it possible to play the game by using Bluetooth connection??? If yes Then please explain me how can i do that in my game…i just want two players Connected over bluetooth connection and they should be able to play the game smoothly…any kind of help will be much appreciated…Help by C# will be very very very much needed thing…Thanks in Advance Guys… And one more Thing i don’t want to use any packages for doing this…my game is having 3 Options to choose from Ad-hoc Connection over WI-Fi, Online play From Server…and Third is Play via Bluetooth…

MMO isn’t only two player. one of the "M"s means massive.

If you want two (or more) players, I know this can be done with native code, so your best shot would be plugins.

With Unity, you can probably find plugins to use bluetooth, but it’s not a built-in Unity feature.
I know you can add an android plugin easily, even with unity free.
For iOS, you can use iOS, tvOS and macOS MultiPeer Local Multiplayer Plugin | Integration | Unity Asset Store

If you want crossplatform gaming, I never tried, but it should be possible. Though you can’t use gamekit on iOS since it’s for iOS only.