Edited Vertex Normals from Maya to Unity

How can I export a mesh with edited vertex normals from Maya into Unity and preserve the edits?

When ever I export my mesh to .fbx and bring it into Unity, I don’t see the changes I made to the vertex normals.

Here’s a picture of what I’m seeing:

alt text

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

On the imported model (.fbx) in Unity, do you have the correct import settings applied? There is a section “Normals & Tangents” where you can set Normals to Import instead of Calculate.

Yes, I have it set to “Imported” which makes me think I’m not exporting it properly? I didn’t see any settings in the .fbx export settings in Maya that had to do with vertex normals but I’m clearly missing something.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I’m still unable to get the normals to import properly. I’ve confirmed that Xarbrough’s suggestion wasn’t the cause of my problem in particular.