Editing Animation Clips

Hello everybody,

I have a simple animation question. I am wondering if you can extend certain portions of an animation clip. For example, if an animation clip is six seconds long, and I want to extend the first third in order to create a new animation clip that was nine seconds long, how would I do that? ?

Thank you so much for your assistance and advice.

I see that you tagged this “mecanim,” so the legacy animation system’s Animation editor window may be out of the question. However, you could use it to open up the animation, select all keyframes, and drag them to the right by three seconds.

The best way, though, is to change the animation clip in your original 3D modeling/animation software. Then re-import the newer, longer animation. This will give you the most flexibility, especially since you didn’t state what you wanted that new first three seconds to contain.

Or, using Mecanim, you can use two animation states: a three-second state that transitions on Exit Time (the default) directly to the second, six-second state. If you set the transition duration to zero (or close to it), it will immediately switch states rather than cross-fading.