Editing joint programmatically?

Is it possible to edit a joint programmatically? I want to edit a spring joint so I can change the spring strength from within a JavaScript file and I have no idea where to start. Thanks in advance!

Yes. I think `SpringJoint.damper` should serve your purpose fairly well. However, rather than giving you a fish, I'm going to give you a fishing rod too. Have you looked at the documentation on the Unity site? It has what you're looking for, every time. Here's a link to the docs, and here's a link to a search for 'spring' in the docs.

here is the scripting reference for a spring joint.

if you want to change it by script then i should look like this :

function Start () {
    someJoint.SpringJoint.spring = 20;

sorry... Elliot Bonneville answered first >(

but this might still help :)