Editing PlayerPrefs directly in plist

In Unity on OSX I am trying to edit the PlayerPrefs values in the unity.companyName.productName.plist, but every time I start the game they get overwritten with the old values. Is there a way to do this directly?

Spent some time battling with this, and learned that OS X Mavericks caches prefs in memory. Any manual edits to the plist are ignored. In addition to editing the plist while Unity is closed, you must also invalidate the cache. In my experience, this works:

Quit Unity, make your edit, and then issue these commands in a terminal:

defaults read ~/Library/Preferences/your.plist.here

defaults read your.plist.here

Yes, both commands, and obviously replace your.plist.here with the filename of your plist. Bonus points: make a backup of your plist before trying any of this.

Quit the Unity editor before editing the .plist file.