Editor almost completely pink after installing Unity 2017.1

i found some information about some parts being pink but in this case, everything (except the Menu-bar) is affected! It seems to be only a visual problem: All the Editor elements (Inspector, …) are (blindly) clickable so they actually seem to exist.

I have this problem with unity 5.6.3p4 on some of my projects(not on every project). Does anyone knows a solution for this?

P.S: I’m on macOS

" Edit/ProjectSettings/Graphics. And Right Click at the top of the inspector page for built-in shaders and choose reset it should fix it for you automatically. "
That’s what worked for me though

The problem is likely that Unity is attempting to use a graphics API that isn’t supported by the machine. The big hint is that everything is pink except the parts rendered by the operating system GUI API. Unity uses their own GUI API to render their menus and displays.

I’ve seen this happen on Mac OSX where, in my case, Unity wanted to use Metal when only OpenGL was available. The solution was to run Unity with a command line argument that forced OpenGL use. I posted more information here: https://answers.unity.com/answers/1430112/view.html