Editor Color Picker In-Game

Is there a way to use Unity’s own color picker in your game? I’ve seen the solutions for creating your own, the assets on the asset store and github, but I want the Unity Editor color picker - I think the look is elegant and it offers a great set of features. How can I make use of it in my game?

No, you can not. The code for the color picker is part of the UnityEditor.dll which is part of the editor. It doesn’t exist in the runtime. You are not allowed to distribute internal editor code with your game. You have to use a custom solution.

Note that the Color picker is actually an editor window. The source code is available online but only for reference. The license is linked to the repository

“Reference Purposes” means for the
sole purpose of inspecting
to understand or
improve performance of your games,
applications, software, or other
content developed with the Unity