Editor crashes attempting to load a scene from an assetbundle Unity 5.4.2p3

Hello community,

I am having a trouble loading scenes in editor. However, build execution is fine. I am using Unity 5.4.2p3.

The problem occurs when i try to load a scene asynchronously contained in a bundle. Editor crashes showing an error window. The error message is:

“Opening file failed Opening file
System cannot find specified file”

Further information is not available, even searching in editor log file at appdata.

I was debugging and i think the last reachable breakpoint in code is a yield return of an SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync AsyncOperation:

var asyncOp =
yield return asyncOp;

Bug is reported with number 853653.

I would appreciate any help.

Creating an empty file “resources.assets.resS” in the root of the project solves the problem.