Editor Crashes on Asset Import

I have no idea what caused this to start happening. I edited some code (game code, not at all editor related) then went back to unity and clicked on an FBX to change something about the animations, then unity crashed. It didn’t even bring up the inspector for the FBX before crashing, just “Unity Editor has Stopped Working”.

I made a new project, but the editor still crashes instantly if I try to import anything or if I try to create any assets (I seem to be able to create prefabs and c# scripts perfectly fine, but not materials). The same applies to selecting existing textures/FBXs/materials that have already been imported into other projects, the editor crashes instantly.

The editor log doesn’t have anything useful in it, other than confirming that there was a crash.

I’ve reinstalled the editor to no effect.

I have absolutely no clue what could have caused this. Any ideas?

Will this http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/565105/cannot-import-texture-windows-81.html
solve your issue?