Editor Focus Problem

I am having troubles editing my game objects in the editor!! whenever I try to move/scale/edit game object in my scene - the focus is off my game object and I can only do really minor changes in the scene

same if I do the change in the scene view or in the inspector view


  1. select game object from the hierarchy
  2. the inspector shows the game object's details
  3. focus on "scale x"
  4. enter new value to "scale x"

it lets me enter single digit only and the inspector gets empty so I have to repeat all steps from step 1 for each digit!!! if I want to scale the object's x to 1000 - I must repeat these steps 4 times!!!!

I tried installing Unity all over again and it does not help

any ideas? anyone???

These two are basic things to check, but don't be offended because anyone can overlook them once in a while. Firstly, make sure your game isn't running as you're trying to alter the values. Most changes you make there won't stick once you stop it anyway. Secondly, make sure there's nothing on your desk that's pushing down on one of your keyboard keys.

Dupe http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/10216/unity-editor-deselects-item-after-clicking-on-its-controls

Short answer: it's a bug, probably related to networking and loading levels