Editor font changes when pressing CTRL-P

If I select the Game Tab and press CTRL-P to play the game, the editor font changes to what looks like Arial (it’s usually Verdana, I think). Doesn’t happen if I select any other tabs/window titles.

This is on Win7 64, latest version (4.0.1f2).

Changing window layout or maximizing/minimizing with space doesn’t help (seems to have helped in a similar case)

I have to restart Unity to restore the regular font. I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t make settings difficult to read (see the attached pictures).

Before pressing CTRL-P: 8097-before.png

After pressing CTRL-P: 8098-after.png

Any ideas on what I can do?

After working around this for a while, I tried getting to the root cause. I found out that this can be replicated in a new project very easily:

  1. Create new project
  2. Create a C# script (or Unityscript, doesn’t matter)
  3. Open the script, add the function void OnGUI() {} and then save
  4. Add the script as component to main camera
  5. Press “game” tab (important step, make sure you actually press it)
  6. Press CTRL-P to start the game

Your editor font is now changed. If this saddens you, you can get it back by deactivating the script and press CTRL-P again.

So, short answer: It’s a bug.

As of today, 10/17/13, this bug still persists in version 4.2.1f, and I also have a pro license, so this isn’t a bug in the free version.
I’m using Windows 8, if it matters.

The thing is that this only happens on this particular computer at my office. It doesn’t happen on my other programmers’ computers, nor does it happen on my desktop at home, and all have relatively similar hardware & software configurations.

Does anyone know anything about this yet?