Editor freezes after 'killing' an enemy but not every time

I receive 0 errors before the editor freezes. Previously I thought the issue was that I changed the enemies List during runtime (which gave errors) because of how I was planning on handling enemy respawns, however I nolonger remove the enemy from that list nor destroy the enemyObject nor make any changes to it after spawning all enemies and adding them to the list. SkeletonController script, HostileHealth script, DropReward script, and RewardPopup script (Hastebin hyperlinks) please let me know if there’s another script you see referenced that may be relevant to finding the solution. Thank you for your time! I should also note that I’m using Unity 2020.3.3f1

So far it seems the issue was within SkeletonController, the coroutines being while(enabled) whereas now they’re while(hHealth.health > 0)