Editor freezing, most often on play

Hi guys,

I am running into this problem with both 5.1.4f1 and 5.2.3. Unity will intermittently freeze, usually on pressing play but can happen when I’m just duplicating script or something.
There is no message to file a crash report.

I have to shut it down via the task manager.

Win7 64bit, 64GB RAM.

I got a hold of a log file (here), and also a dump file (but this is 830MB!) but I’m not sure how to proceed.

If I attach a debugger using the task manager I get this

I also get thread exits like this:

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Looks like you have a while loop that is always true somewhere, or a function calling itself all the time. Unity does not warn you about an infinite while loop. It will appear to run but it won’t actually update anymore. It will just perform the looping function over and over.